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career coach, career management, find a job, job developer, jobs in it, hire developers, work from home
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Why RecruitMe?

At RecruitMe, we’re problem solvers. And we specialize in solving those specifically in the Human Resources field.

Two of the biggest issues tech industry employers face when looking for the ideal candidate for an open job position: wasting time on screenings and not getting the right candidate in the end.


Well, CV databases take lots of time to parse and selecting the right one is a difficult task, prone to human subjectivity and error. Furthermore, there’s no guarantee that the candidate will match their info or that they will be the right one for the job. These dilemmas have been experienced by our HR experts firsthand, and that is why we decided that the time for a change had finally come.

Introducing our automated recruitment platform

Through our new automated recruitment platform, we will save time for employers by eliminating the manual screening process entirely.

Additionally, through a carefully selected set of criteria, our algorithm will match job seekers with their ideal jobs on the fly. This helps employers and job seekers simultaneously, as the first interview will be much more constructive than just a simple screening process. The core of our service is our automated recruitment platform, but that’s not all we offer. You should keep on browsing to learn what RecruitMe can do to make your recruitment process even easier and more successful. After all, the essence of any prosperous business are the people that work there.



Most recent positions

React Developer

Want to work from home and save some commute time? Fancy catching up with your team in the office? Prefer to get your head down in a hotel on some tropical coast? If it works for you then it works for us. Because we are currently working on a hybrid model.

HR Generalist

We are looking for an HR Generalist with strong working experience to bring ideas and actions to CAPcargo’s staffing processes. Your duties will include management of the recruitment process, administering CAPcargo Employee benefit program and CAPcargo Training and development program, nurture positive company culture and work environment.

Unreal Developer

Shindiri Studio from Nis, Serbia is looking for a highly motivated and experienced Unreal Developer to join our team. As a Unreal Developer, you will work closely with our client from the games industry to create high-quality games. You will be part of a team of developers who are passionate about games and take pride in their work.

Frontend Developer
Crazy Labs

CrazyLabs is looking for a Frontend Developer to join our amazing, passionate marketing team, working on a variety of Hyper Casual mobile game projects.

DevOps Engineer
Crazy Labs

CrazyLabs is a top mobile games publisher with 5 Billion downloads to date! A worldwide leader in hyper-casual and Casual games development, distribution, and innovation. We are looking for an excellent DevOps Engineer.

iOS Developer

Here at Moxelle, our workforce is dedicated to supporting the great opportunities our clients have. This is what we are passionate about. We know that our client’s time is limited, so the right support they need is essential. We’re excited about the products, services and connections created every day at Moxelle. The world is full of amazing companies and startups that need the right professionals to fill in the important gap they have, so let’s help them succeed!

.NET Developer
MARRA Global

We are currently seeking a motivated .NET developer with excellent technical skills to develop, maintain and optimise our business systems, mobile API and web projects. The position is a great opportunity for an ambitious individual to be part of an exciting and fast-growing tech team.

Laravel developer
Kids Club HQ

Kids Club HQ is UK based and provides a platform for childcare companies and schools so that they can accept online bookings and payment for the childcare they provide. The platform also provides our customers with a comprehensive CRM/admin back end. We’re a small team looking for a passionate Laravel developer who loves the craft of creating high quality web apps. This is a full-time, remote, role where you’ll work closely with the team to design new features then independently complete the implementation to a high standard. Regular reviews will take place to ensure the features progress successfully and support you where needed. You will also troubleshoot and fix any bugs and technical issues that are found or passed on by front line support. You should be able to work independently and communicate effectively in English. We generally communicate via Slack and video calls.

QA Engineer
Polar Cape Counsulting

Do you already have some experience as as a Quality Assurance Engineer, but would like to become an QA Expert? Want to improve your technical and lead skills in the Software Testing field? Quality is one of Polar Cape’s core values. Hence, QA and testing are crucial for us and our projects. Apply now!

.Net Developer
Polar Cape Counsulting

If you have a solid technical background, are always curious about new technologies, and have a passion for building high-performance teams – then we have a very exciting opportunity for you. A combination of excellent technical skills and customer management skills is required. You will have an important role, with supportive and highly motivated colleagues. At Polar Cape we put personal development in focus so you will be learning and growing from day one. Sound interesting?

We are searching for a Full Stack Monkey
Coding Monkeys

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Coding Monkey! Before we get started lets get one thing out of the way, we are searching for people, we are not interested in recruiters or recruitment agencies, so if you are one of these, please do move on. You’re still here? Bananas! That means you really are interested in becoming a Coding Monkey, let’s move on!

UI/UX Vue.js Developer

We're a video production and marketing company, based in Wiltshire. Unusual, to a large degree. We combine film-making with automation and digital marketing. A blend. But we've learned that creative works best when it serves the numbers. So we've progressed from mere video. Giving you Adaptive Video, that converts more prospects at every stage of the PR, marketing and sales cycle. With powerful content, actionable insights, and reassuringly commercial gains.

Senior .Net Developer
Macedonian Stock Exchange

Македонска берза е во потрага по сениор .NET developer за да се приклучи на нашиот ИТ тим со цел развој на функционални апликации и web страници. Одговорностите на сениор .NET developer-от вклучуваат учество во целиот животен циклус на софтверот, дебагирање апликации и конфигурирање на постојните системи. Ако знаете да пишувате квалитетен код кој може да се употребува во повеќе сценарија и да ја прегледате работата на другите членови на тимот, би сакале да се сретнеме со вас.

HTML CSS Javascript Angular C#
Python Developer
Hoyo Tech

We are in search of a Python Developer to join our team. As a Python Developer, you will have the opportunity to be exposed to a full web-stack. A Python Developer writes nicely, fast Python with high standards. You will be a part of a full-stack creative team that is responsible for all the Hoyo Tech projects.

Web Developer
Causeway Connect

Our client wants you to do the coding, design and layout of their coolest to date website that will be promoting their services and solutions on the UK market.

Video editor
Crazy Labs

Crazy Labs is growing and we're looking for a talented and passionate Video Editor to join our Marketing team. As a Video Editor at Crazy Labs You will work alongside a variety of creative individuals to produce high-quality trailers and video content, in order to achieve the final creative vision that will help us grow our user base.

Frontend Developer
Digital Orange

Join our experienced team of IT professionals and take the perfect opportunity to work in a friendly environment on many exciting projects! Our ideal Frontend Developer should have the following:

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery WordPress ...
Senior Java Developer

We are looking for a Senior Java Developer to join our existing Scrum-based project focused on building a software product which is intended to help the USA national agencies in their process of buying TV ads with stations across multiple markets, with the primary objectives of improving both the efficiency of the existing process and the performance of their campaigns.

Java Spring Angular Scrum


Automated screening

The first level of screening is automatically done by the platform. This saves precious time otherwise spent on empty and aimless screening interviews. This time-consuming process has always relied on human interaction and is subject to errors and bad decisions. We eliminate this step of the hiring process by using key performance data, rendering it easier, faster and above all, more accurate.

Data-driven matchmaking algorithm

Our in-house optimized software cross-checks employers, seekers, and jobs and selects the ideal matches for every entry in the database. Instead of the subjective screening of CVs, and cross-verifying data between job postings and prospects, our software automates this process entirely. Candidates fill in specialized CV templates that emphasize key information which is used in the matchmaking process. This way an employer can find exactly what they are looking for in an employee, before even talking to them once.

Career coaching

We help tech job seekers understand the job market better. Through continuous coaching, we help them get better at applying for their dream job. Our experience tells us that not all job seekers are equal. Some excellent candidates have mediocre or outdated resumes that don’t give a clear picture of their abilities. We provide that helping hand to get yourself heard in the busy job market world.

Contract Mediation

Our HR experts mediate the relationship between the employer and the employees. We create the contacts and the platform will keep them up to date on their status.

Simple user-interface

Our state-of-the-art dashboard for employers or job seekers alike presents the most pertinent information at a glance. All you need to know about job postings, prospects, number of hired people and statistics are merely a click away. These will help you keep a good overview of the entirety of your recruitment process, separated into relevant categories, like departments, salaries, contract expiration dates, etc.

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What we do

  • RecruitMe helps business owners find highly-skilled, hard-working, great value workers. Our team of HR and IT experts have created an automated screening process that not only saves time for employers but also gets them the best prospect for each job posting.
  • RecruitMe helps workers find the ideal job in a large list of verified employers that abide by the highest working ethics. The companies that post jobs on our recruiting platform are verified and prospects are guaranteed a response.
  • RecruitMe disrupts the job market. We use in-house software that has been in development for quite some time and is the result of years of experience in the HR field. By using key performance indicators, our algorithm is able to parse through the prospect database and compile a list of perfect business-worker matches.

    By eliminating guesswork, we are able to provide our users, meaning business and workers alike, the best recruitment experience they can expect in this fast-paced world.

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