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career coach, career management, find a job, job developer, jobs in it, hire developers, work from home
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Why RecruitMe?

At RecruitMe, we’re problem solvers. And we specialize in solving those specifically in the Human Resources field.

Two of the biggest issues tech industry employers face when looking for the ideal candidate for an open job position: wasting time on screenings and not getting the right candidate in the end.


Well, CV databases take lots of time to parse and selecting the right one is a difficult task, prone to human subjectivity and error. Furthermore, there’s no guarantee that the candidate will match their info or that they will be the right one for the job. These dilemmas have been experienced by our HR experts firsthand, and that is why we decided that the time for a change had finally come.

Introducing our automated recruitment platform

Through our new automated recruitment platform, we will save time for employers by eliminating the manual screening process entirely.

Additionally, through a carefully selected set of criteria, our algorithm will match job seekers with their ideal jobs on the fly. This helps employers and job seekers simultaneously, as the first interview will be much more constructive than just a simple screening process. The core of our service is our automated recruitment platform, but that’s not all we offer. You should keep on browsing to learn what RecruitMe can do to make your recruitment process even easier and more successful. After all, the essence of any prosperous business are the people that work there.



Most recent positions

JavaScript (React) Developer

We are looking for an ambitious JavaScript Developer with at least two years of experience to join our React team. You need to have a great understanding of the full cycle of web development and great attention to detail.

Digital Project Manager

For this position, we expect you to be a tech-savvy professional with an in-depth understanding of how technology works and how it can help us achieve our business goals. You should be able to manage and deliver our projects’ digital lifecycle within quality, time, and budget requirements. You should be methodical and have excellent time management skills.

iOS Developer

If you find it hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle - you are not alone, but everyone is unique and has their own motivators and triggers. We are developing the digital health coach of the future to help you find your way to an even more healthy and happy life. Our digital health coach outlines highly-personalized goals and targets that are designed to motivate you for the long term. The engine we’ve developed applies proven applied behavior change techniques using advanced math & AI. It analyzes biometric data from wearables to identify behavioural patterns and measure psychological parameters. That way it generates a personalized motivation model which is unique to each individual much like a fingerprint.

Front-end Developer
Polar Cape Counsulting

Are you an aspiring Front-End Developer with around 2 year of hands on experience with JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React or VueJS? If you have a solid technical background, a passion for front-end development, but are also curious about other technologies – then we have a very exciting opportunity for you. You will be working in a tight team with the opportunity to take on diverse assignments, with supportive and highly motivated colleagues. Software developers at Polar Cape work with both web and mobile app development. You will be working with challenging tasks, for multiple clients.

WordPress developer

We are looking for a WordPress developer to build, optimize and maintain existing websites, as well as develop and implement attractive and functional websites for new ventures. Your responsibilities will include implementation of WordPress themes and plugins as well as site integration and security updates. You will work closely with our team to develop client projects that align with their customer goals. You will work both individually and in teams. You will be required to give input on improvement as well as maintaining best practices in the field.

QA Automation Engineer

For our office in Skopje we are looking for open-minded and personable people, who love to work on web development. Grab the opportunity to implement interesting projects. Get in touch with state of the art technologies, render business requirements into technical solutions and push implementation in agile teams. We attach great importance to a cooperative team spirit and a delightful working atmosphere.

Senior Go-Lang / MongoDB Backend Developer

We’re seeking a senior Go-Lang / MongoDB Backend Developer for an exciting social media video platform Aparlay is an engineer driven, Remote-first company based out of Thailand and produces viral social networking apps. Our team of over 25 people in not only in Asia but around the world. We believe in quality of life for our team and just ‘getting it done’. No useless daily meetings, minimal processes and flexible working arrangements.

Quality Manager / Process improvement Manager

A careful introduction will bring you step-by-step closer to your new job. You are directly involved into the further enhancement of our core product. High usability, stability and deep integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 are central elements. Quick decision-making, innovative and initiative employees and being close to customers and markets are for us critical success factors. The broad activity base guarantees a professional challenge, during which routine will remain a stranger. Excellent terms of employment, pleasant office space and a dynamic team complete the offer.

Full Stack Developer

We are looking to expand our development team working in PHP/Laravel/Vue.JS We are looking for an senior backend/frontend developer to join our team who has at least a few years experience with Laravel and Vue.JS. If you are a backend/frontend PHP Laravel.

Python Developer

Use your know-how of Python technology and your exceptional problem-solving skills to develop remarkable features in our newest Icelandic project and become the technical lead of our growing team.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Software developer

CAPcargo is an internationally successful editor of a vertical software solution for transport and logistics service providers, manufacturing and trading/distribution organizations. CAPcargo Skopje is providing development services for the Swiss mother company. Our industry solution is integrated into the ERP platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 and covers all main business processes of transport and logistics organizations. The interface-free integration into the ERP system offers unique advantages for our customers.

Data Engineer

As Data Engineer (m/f/d) you will support our team with bringing order into our data sets. In this position you will be responsible for finding trends in our data sets, optimizing data retrieval and developing dashboards and reports for stakeholders

Talent Acquisition Partner
Crazy Labs

We're looking for a talented and motivated Talent Acquisition Partner for our office in Skopje. In this role, you will have a direct impact on our company's DNA and enable our growth by hiring excellent people. We’re looking for a true professional who loves recruiting, highly motivated, innovative, and self-driven. You'll be part of a leading global HR team that works in a highly dynamic environment.

Java Developer

We are looking for a Java developer intern to join our team for the opportunity to gain real-world software development experience in a company setting. You will have the opportunity to work with companies from the stock exchange, banking, and financial information industry. Moreover, you will have a firsthand experience in how the stock market operates as well as gain knowledge in how to customize and personalize Fintech solutions.

Java Developer

We are looking for a Java developer to manage the software development life cycle, from planning and prioritizing to testing and release. Your responsibilities will include gathering system and user requirements, building Java modules, and testing features before release. You will work both individually and in teams. It will be required that you give a continuous input on improvement as well as maintaining best practices in the field.

Frontend Angular Developer

We are looking for a Frontend developer to build, optimize and maintain front-end web apps. Your responsibilities will include implementation of the applications for either desktop or mobile devices with a focus on performance. You will team up with the back-end developers to connect to APIs using standard methods. You will work both individually and in teams. You will be required to give input on improvement as well as maintaining best practices in the field.

iOS Developer

We are looking for another self-motivated, passionate, result-driven, and committed iOS Developer who will have the chance to work with one of our international teams. If you're curious about high-end technologies and generally mobile devices and products this will be the chance for you to work on a global market project with a team of great individuals. For start, this role and the whole recruitment process will be done remotely due to the Covid-19 crisis.

.NET developer

As an experienced .NET software engineer at iborn, you will be responsible for building .NET applications in microservice architecture using .NET Core and WEB API. You should be capable of handling many aspects of the application, including performance, scalability, security, and testing.

Java Developer

As a Java Developer, you will be part of a dynamic team handling the end to end process while allowing you to  grow in different areas of expertise. You will play a crucial role in building and delivering solutions to our customers. You will work closely with highly motivated people and skilled professionals in an agile team with a strong knowledge sharing and learning culture.

Data Warehouse Developer

Design, develop and maintain data warehouse and analytics architecture to meet business requirements Design, develop and support new and existing ETL processes, based on established industry standards and best practices, to enhance loading of data from different source systems Work in close collaboration with System and Business Analysts to understand the needs of the customers Ensure high quality of the software solutions through software testing and debugging Create technical documentation and manuals on the developed software modules Continuous improvement of technical and business knowledge Share team values and responsibilities


Automated screening

The first level of screening is automatically done by the platform. This saves precious time otherwise spent on empty and aimless screening interviews. This time-consuming process has always relied on human interaction and is subject to errors and bad decisions. We eliminate this step of the hiring process by using key performance data, rendering it easier, faster and above all, more accurate.

Data-driven matchmaking algorithm

Our in-house optimized software cross-checks employers, seekers, and jobs and selects the ideal matches for every entry in the database. Instead of the subjective screening of CVs, and cross-verifying data between job postings and prospects, our software automates this process entirely. Candidates fill in specialized CV templates that emphasize key information which is used in the matchmaking process. This way an employer can find exactly what they are looking for in an employee, before even talking to them once.

Career coaching

We help tech job seekers understand the job market better. Through continuous coaching, we help them get better at applying for their dream job. Our experience tells us that not all job seekers are equal. Some excellent candidates have mediocre or outdated resumes that don’t give a clear picture of their abilities. We provide that helping hand to get yourself heard in the busy job market world.

Contract Mediation

Our HR experts mediate the relationship between the employer and the employees. We create the contacts and the platform will keep them up to date on their status.

Simple user-interface

Our state-of-the-art dashboard for employers or job seekers alike presents the most pertinent information at a glance. All you need to know about job postings, prospects, number of hired people and statistics are merely a click away. These will help you keep a good overview of the entirety of your recruitment process, separated into relevant categories, like departments, salaries, contract expiration dates, etc.

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What we do

  • RecruitMe helps business owners find highly-skilled, hard-working, great value workers. Our team of HR and IT experts have created an automated screening process that not only saves time for employers but also gets them the best prospect for each job posting.
  • RecruitMe helps workers find the ideal job in a large list of verified employers that abide by the highest working ethics. The companies that post jobs on our recruiting platform are verified and prospects are guaranteed a response.
  • RecruitMe disrupts the job market. We use in-house software that has been in development for quite some time and is the result of years of experience in the HR field. By using key performance indicators, our algorithm is able to parse through the prospect database and compile a list of perfect business-worker matches.

    By eliminating guesswork, we are able to provide our users, meaning business and workers alike, the best recruitment experience they can expect in this fast-paced world.

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