9 Best Work From Home Jobs During Lockdown

Since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared, businesses around the globe started shutting down their offices, sometimes even completely. 

While some companies succeeded in switching to remote work, others demand physical presence from their employees. This has resulted in a great number of people being put on unpaid leave, or even worse, losing their job altogether.  

So, what do you do when locked down, with no source of income? We’ve got some good options for you. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best work from home jobs, which have some great advantages

Most of them can be considered full-time occupations, so if you can actually start building a real business.

Don’t get discouraged if none of these fit your skills. With online lessons widely available for almost any field, anything is achievable if you are motivated. Let’s get started. 

Graphic Designer

Graphic Design is one of the most popular work from home options, for quite a few reasons. It demands almost no direct interaction with the client, and freelance platforms have always heaps of different projects available. Logos, Layouts, Websites, Flyers, you name it. 

If you got a good eye for detail and you are interested in making some great visual content, this might be your cup of tea. 

You should get started with some basics, like how to work with the Adobe Suite, with Photoshop and Illustrator being always the highest in demand. 

Freelance Writer

Good analytical skills and language mastery will be your main pillars in becoming a successful copywriter. Whether it’s marketing copy or blog posts, demand for written content has never been higher due to how search engines work.

Companies are in constant need of freelance writers that can provide valuable content to their users and help them rank their pages in Google. 


While writers are great at doing research and providing catchy copy, they rarely have time to triple-check their content. 

That’s where the proofreaders come into play. 

If you have good grammar and spelling skills, this can be a real work from home job. It might pay less than copywriting, but it’s also less demanding and you can cover a lot more content. 


If you were never able to apply your knowledge of a foreign language until now, it’s the best time to give it a go. 

With local businesses taking a hit, companies are expanding their offers globally. 

Serious businesses need their content translated and optimized for search engines, opening up work from home opportunities for translators around the globe. 

That 2 year trip to France you took in college might finally pay off! Who’s laughing now, mom?

Social Media Manager

Social Media is essential in marketing today and businesses would be wrong to ignore it. But juggling between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is time-consuming and can even be considered a full-time job. 

It’s a perfect job for anyone fond of posting on social media (photos, catchy copy) and has great ideas on how to make a social media profile stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, while starting small, you could expand your skillset and become an expert in the field. 

Digital Marketing Expert

Often, digital marketing experts start as social media managers and move up the ladder. 

Once you start adding campaign ad management and analytics into your skillset, you can start looking for better-paid online jobs. 

Additionally, once you start dabbling with email marketing and click funnels, you shouldn’t have any trouble making money from home. 

Virtual Assistant

Many small businesses are in need of virtual assistants to help keep them organized and complete administrative tasks. 

Depending on your skillset and organization levels, you can support multiple clients at once. If you can multitask effectively, it can be a steady online job, as you often create personal bonds with your clients.  

There are some great organizational tools online and heaps of lessons on how to put them to good use. 

Web Developer

Making a website that both looks good and is efficient is a science on its own. People rarely have the skills or time to make their own. 

If you have decent coding skills and keep up with website trends constantly, this might be an ideal work from home option. If not, well it’s never too late to start learning HTML and CSS

You can even pair up with a graphic designer and take over the coding part, speeding up both processes and opening even more project opportunities. 

Online Coach or Consultant

Are you a teacher or an expert in some field that might attract a fair amount of people? Do you have charisma and can spread knowledge?

Well, with all the online tools given at our disposal, anyone can start teaching online. But most importantly, work from home and get paid. 

Yoga, Language, Finances, whatever your area of proficiency may be, you can start your own business online with the help of a myriad of teaching tools at your disposal

You can start small with just a landing page and a newsletter, and build from there. 

Wrapping up 

This sums up our list of the best work from home jobs you can do while in lockdown. If you have some skills in one of these areas, it’s an ideal time to use them and start making money from home. 

And if you haven’t, there must be something you would be willing to learn. After all, this crisis might last, and learning a new skill can be only beneficial down the road.